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Bend Calculator


Sheet Metal Bend CalculatorYou can use the Bend Calculator to compute the Bend Allowance or Compensation for your different material types and thickness. Since many people in the industry interchange the definitions of these words, it is recommended that you review the specific definitions to ensure that you are calculating the correct value.


How to Use the Bend Calculator


First, select the radio button for the value which you will provide. This can be the K-factor, Bend Allowance, Inside Compensation, or the Outside Compensation. Then enter that value as the given value. Next, enter the Material Thickness, Inside Bend Radius, and the Bend Angle. Then, click the Calculate button. Each of the three values not given will be calculated and displayed. To perform another calculation, click the Restart button.

Bend Allowance
Inside Comp
Outside Comp

Material Thickness:
Inside Radius:
Bend Angle:
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