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Free Basic Listing

Basic Listings are free of charge. They include the name of the company, full address, and phone number. Click here to get your Free Basic Listing.

Enhanced Listing

Now that you have your free listing, improve your visibility. An Enhanced Listing will make your company stand out. All Enhanced Listings are in bold type and include a link to your website as well as a product description. Also, Enhanced Listings always appear above the Basic Listings in each category.

Compare the sample listings below.

Enhanced Listing

Your Company Name * 1234 Main St. * Kent, WA 98032 * USA * (253)555-5555 *
The description for your company or product will help customers know what products and services that you provide. The description can be up to 250 characters long.

Basic Listing

Your Company Name * 1234 Main St. * Kent, WA 98032 * USA * (253)555-5555

Why enhance your company listing?

  • Traffic draws thousands of sheet metal users from around the world with our articles, blogs, and tips.

  • Top in Results
    Enhanced Listings always appear above Basic Listings so that they are seen first.

  • Prospective Clients Our visitors are sheet metal CAD/CAM users and companies looking for your areas of expertise.

  • Fast and Simple Searches Our directories make it easy for prospective clients to find your company from the very first page.

Enhanced Listings are only $100/year, that's less than $9 per month! Call (513)831-8800 now to move your listing to the top. Discounts are available for multiple category listings.

Categories Price
1 $100
2 $160
3 $210
4 $250
5 $280
Ea Add'l $25

Do not hesitate to contact us at (513)831-8800 if you need additional information or technical support to create your listing.


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