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"SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy" Now in Full Color!

Cincinnati, OH, May 3, 2006 — Sheet Metal Guy, LLC today announced the availability of its “SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy" training book series in full color. Experience the difference full color can offer you! The screen captures and illustrations in the books now can be seen in greater detail, making it easier to follow along. Since sheet metal parts can be difficult to describe, color pictures clearly identify what to select and where to pick. For example, SolidWorks utilizes color coding to indicate the status of sketch geometry. The new color versions of the books make it easy to see this color coding.

“It is frustrating when you follow the steps in an instruction manual and don’t get the correct results. The color graphics make it easier for you to know that you are selecting the right icon or geometry,” said Joe Bucalo, co-author. “By adding full color versions to our lineup, 'SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy' provides the world’s easiest and most appealing way to discover, design, and create sheet metal models in SolidWorks.”

With the success of its first two books, Sheet Metal Guy, LLC is offering the full color versions at the same price as the black and white versions for a limited time. The SolidWorks approved source for sheet metal training, “SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy", is designed for the complete beginner, the aspiring apprentice, the educator and the experienced tradesmen alike. The new color versions are heavily illustrated with detailed screen captures to guide you along the way. You will find the world-class comprehensive courses delivered as self-paced learning tools. “SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy" offers step-by-step instruction in all aspects of the revolutionary application that's bringing professional-level sheet metal design to the masses. Each chapter represents a complete lesson with a project to complete. “SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy - Course 2: Hole Patterns and Notches" takes readers through every aspect of hole and pattern creation and more. You can work through the series of books from cover to cover or you can pick just the sections that interest you most. Either way, you'll find just what you need to begin making sheet metal models with your SolidWorks.

About Sheet Metal Guy, LLC
Sheet Metal Guy, LLC, located in Cincinnati, OH, was formed to
help increase the productivity of sheet metal designers and manufacturers through education. As a publisher of books and other materials, the company's primary focus is to provide high quality, cost effective training for the design and manufacture of sheet metal parts and assemblies. Sheet Metal Guy, LLC is focused on designing easy to understand, self-paced training books for all knowledge levels of 3D CAD software users. Additional company and product information is available on the company’s Web site,

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