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Using Solid Edge to Speed Up Sheet Metal Design, Part 1Understanding the available tools and the best strategy to use for the different types of design

The Solid Edge 3D design system has been developed specifically to speed up engineering design tasks. Solid Edge uses a unique situational interface, along with applied ergonomics and process-driven design tools to achieve this. One good example of this is the Solid Edge sheet-metal environment. Sheet metal is a process of designing parts of uniform thickness that usually have some kind of bend, cut-outs and deformation features. The importance of this has been recognized to the point that Solid Edge has dedicated a whole environment and suite of tools to speed up sheet metal design through to manufacture. Topics include: Why is Solid Edge So Good at Sheet-Metal Design?, Sheet Metal Options, Sheet Metal Bend Characteristics, Bend equation, Neutral factor, Standard formula, Custom formula, Sheet Metal Modeling Strategy, Convert to Sheet Metal, Tabs, Flanges and Lofted Parts, Contour flange, Mitering contour flanges, Chaining contour flanges, Constructing hems, Constructing wrapped features, and Lofted flange. Russell Brook, Cadalyst, February 15, 2005.

Using Solid Edge to Speed Up Sheet Metal Design, Part 2
Sheet metal treatment features give you a range of options to improve your designs.

This month I want to keep the theme on sheet metal and look at treatment features, their wide range of options and the impact they have on the design. Solid Edge helps engineers speed up their design process by offering tools designed to complete a specific task, rather than a few tools, that when combined end up with the desired geometry. Topics include: Corner and Bend Relief, Profile options, Sheet Metal Cutouts, Adding Jogs and Bends, Unbend and Rebend, Close Corner, and Deformation Features. Russell Brook, Cadalyst, March 15, 2005.


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