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Latest Service Pack:
SolidWorks 2008 SP4.0

Evenly Spaced Holes
A lot of sheet metal parts require holes patterns to be equally spaced. There is a real easy solution to do this.

SolidWorks 2009: What’s New - Fundamentals
SolidWorks 2009 Beta is now available for download. Here is a nice review that I found helpful describing some of the fundamental changes the new version of SolidWorks.

Custom Relief Type
When you create an Edge Flange or a Miter Flange which does not run the full width of the connecting flange, you have an option to specify a Custom Relief Type. Where did this come from?

Miter Flange on 3 Sides
I often hear from users that they have trouble placing the sketch or getting the flanges on the sides they want. A recent note from one user says he can’t get it to place the flange on three sides of his part.

Unfolding Formulas
I was sent several pages of unfolding information last week. Since we do say, “If you have a k-factor chart you would like to share with others, email to me”. Well someone did.

Lofted Bends
Many do not realize that SolidWorks has some great lofted bend examples in the Design Library.

Bend Tables
SolidWorks allows you to create three different styles of Bend Tables: Bend Allowance, Bend Deduction, and K-Factor. Here's how to create your own bend tables with your bend data.

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorials


Is there a way to get the blank size into a custom property?

How does the Miter Flange command work?

The Kitchen Sink - Can you model it?


Create a Slot in a Sketch

All you have to do is to create a line in the sketch. With the line selected, pick Offset Entities in your “Sketch” toolbar.

New Slot Sketch Entities in SolidWorks 2009

Bolt Hole Circle Axis: Part 1

Say that you want to create a bolt hole circle around a hole. Start by creating your feature to pattern. Then, pick Circular Pattern from the Features CommandManager.


Bolt Hole Circle Axis: Part 2

What if you don't have a temporary axis to use? One way to deal with this is to create an axis.


Skipping Instances in a Pattern

Instances to Skip allows you control over which instances are created in your pattern.


Curve Driven Pattern

Use a Curve Driven Pattern as an alternative to the Circular Pattern, which does not require the temporary axes.


Use the link to thickness option without a sheet metal part

Can you use the link to thickness option without a sheet metal part? All you have to do to make this option accessible is...


Toolbar Location and Display
Drag a toolbar and it automatically docks. What if you don't want it to dock?


Heads-Up View Toolbar

SolidWorks 2008 has a new transparent toolbar in each viewport that allows easy access to a lot of the tools used to control the view.


New CommandManager Options in SolidWorks 2008
SolidWorks 2008 now allows you to add a custom tab to the CommandManager. All you have to do to add a custom tab is...


SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy ROI White Paper


The Menu Bar Toolbar

SolidWorks has been redesigned to try to make maximum use of screen space. The new Menu Bar contains the most used tools from...

SolidWorks Built-In Calculator
The SolidWorks Built-In Calculator can do more than simple calculations like sine and cosine. I found a whole list of functions that...

SolidWorks 2008 Officially Released
SolidWorks Corporation released SolidWorks® 2008 on June 18, 2007. SolidWorks 2008 has more than 250 user-requested enhancements. SolidWorks has continued to make the software easier to use and more intuitive. Click here to learn more.

SolidWorks Tips (More SolidWorks Tips)

Jog Fixed Length vs Non-fixed Length
The Fixed projected length check box can be used to maintain the original length of the part or to add material to hold the fixed edge of the part.

Create an Edge Flange on a Curved Planar Edge
SolidWorks 2007 now allows you to add an edge flange on curved planar edges. Single curved edges, multiple tangent edges, cylindrical edges, and lofted edges on parts can now be used easily to create an edge flange.

Create a New Sheet Metal Forming Tool
You can easily create your own forming tools using the Forming Tool command in SolidWorks 2006. The Orientation Sketch and the colors that identify the stopping faces and the faces to remove are added automatically.

Copy Entities Versus Mirror Entities
Sketches often contain shapes that are used more than once in a sketch. There are various ways in SolidWorks to accomplish this. Which way is better?

Hole Wizard Pre-Selection Versus Post-Selection
There are two ways to use the Hole Wizard in SolidWorks. You can either select the plane or face to create the hole on before or after you select the Hole Wizard command. What's the difference?

(More SolidWorks Tips)


SolidWorks Express eNewsletter
SolidWorks Express eNewsletter
Feature News, Tech Tips, Special Offers and More.

SolidWorks 2007SolidWorks 2007 Design Contest

Hotfix: SolidWorks File Size
Model file size in SolidWorks 2007 has been reduced. However, because of an issue in the Windows XP operating system, modifying a model returns it to its original SolidWorks 2006 file size. A hotfix is available at;EN-US;922668.

SolidWorks 2007 Sheet Metal Enhancements
Take a look at a few of the customer driven enhancements that make sheet metal creation easier and faster than ever.

SolidWorks 2007: Usability Enhancements (Ricky Jordan's Blog, 07/31/2006 09:38 PM)
And what would Usability Enhancements be? Well, you won’t find this “category” in the What’s New manual. I have grouped together a few enhancements from SolidWorks 2007 which I believe will result in time saved and less mouse clicks for ...


Rob Rodriguez Blog

Categories include SolidWorks Events, SolidWorks Learning Resources, and Tips & Tricks.


SolidWorks Community Blog
Topics include User Groups, User Group Events, and the SolidWorks User Group Network. Blog hosted by Richard Doyle, SolidWorks Corp.


SolidWorks Blog
A journal of topics related to 3D solid modeling, SolidWorks, and for the discussion of SolidWorks related topics. Learn more about our products and services.


eDrawings Interactive Tutorial
This interactive tutorial presents some of the most significant features of eDrawings and how the product can be used to exchange notes and markup for 3D design data.


Graphic Card ReviewGraphics Card Review
A lot of new graphic cards have come out lately. Take a look at the newest lines of graphic cards to enter the market. Which is the best for me? Is it really worth the money?


SolidWorks Corporation Welcomes Sheet Metal Guy, LLC as Solution Partner
SolidWorks Solution PartnerSheet Metal Guy, LLC announced today that it has been accepted as a Solution Partner by SolidWorks Corporation. The SolidWorks Solution Partner Program is designed to align companies like Sheet Metal Guy with SolidWorks Corp. to help designers and manufacturers better achieve their CAD/CAM objectives.


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"SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy" Now in Full Color!
Sheet Metal Guy, LLC today announced the availability of its “SolidWorks for the Sheet Metal Guy" training book series in full color. Experience the difference full color can offer you!


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New SolidWorks Training Books Now Available
Sheet Metal Guy, LLC is proud to announce that three new
SolidWorks training books are now available at The series of SolidWorks training manuals by Doctor Walt provides practical, easy-to-follow lessons that help reduce the time and cost of product development.


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