rectangle (square) to round ductwork transition

rectangle (square) to round ductwork transition
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Ductwork Transitions: Rectangle (Square) to Round Transition


square to round transitionDuctwork parts, beginning with the square to round transition, or rectangle to round, are really quite easy to model in 3D with most any CAD system. Getting the correct flat pattern is another story. Today's CAD programs, like SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and Inventor include an unfolding feature. For AutoCAD, you need to purchase a third party program such as ProFold.


rectangle to round transitionHere you can create a DXF file of any standard rectangle (square) to round transition. Both the 3D and flat pattern are included on separate layers. You may then import the file into your CAD system.


How to Use This Program - Requires Windows 7 or newer.

Start by creating a folder on the 'C:' drive of your computer called "SMG", short for Sheet Metal Guy. Next click below and download the Rect2Rnd.ZIP file, placing it in the SMG folder. Use File Explorer to unzip the file and extract the program Rect2Rnd.exe into the SMG folder.


Close the File Explorer and left click on the Desktop of the computer. In the menu, select 'New' and 'Shortcut'. Use the Browse button to locate the program, Rect2Rnd.EXE in the SMG folder. Then click 'Next' to finish creating the Shortcut.


You are now ready to run the program. Simply click on the Shortcut andnter the required values. That's it. go to your CAD program and open the DXF fdile "Cones.DXf in the SMG folder


Then, click the Calculate button. ONLY works with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


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